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Parshas Tetzaveh Bein Adam L’chaveiro – Sometimes it’s all about the other person’s joy. How to feel it.

Being a Yid means feelings the pain of others. (Bein Adam L’chaveiro – B’shalach)

You only gain when you give to others. (Bo -BALC)

You’re Never In Control! (Bo)

Patience is the most important thing you need in the world! Va’eira BALC

Is social media social or anti social? Feeling people’s pain (Shmos). R’ Matis Edelson (BALC)

Mesiras Nefesh = Siyata Dishmaya! (Sh’mos 5779)

Respect every part of klal Yisroel, everyone has their job! (BALC-Vayechi)