Rabbi Shalom Apelbaum – Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Shallom Apelbaum learned for over 20 years in Yeshiva Torah Ore under Maran Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg zt”l. His wealth of knowledge spans many areas of shas and halacha, and his many years of teaching experience enable him to be the quintessential rebbe and educator.


Rabbi Dov Ber Apelbaum – Shaul U’meishiv

Reb Dov Ber learned for over 20 years in Yeshiva Torah Ore under Maran Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg zt”l. A highly-regarded talmid chochom, he is the author of the seforim “Yisa Midabrosecha” on shas. His clarity and incisive analysis make him much sought after by those bochurim looking to gain an approach to learning and develop their Gemara skills.

Phone: 02-538-8436



Rabbi Dovid Stern – Magid Shiur

Rabbi Stern learned as a Bochur in Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael Petach Tikva, and later helped found Yeshivas Be’er Hatorah under the leadership of his Rebbe, Hagaon Rav Aharon Feldman shlit”a, Rosh Yeshivas Ner Israel, Baltimore. After his marriage, he helped found Kollel Horo’ah Nachlas Bnei Shimon in Beitar, eventually receiving smicha. He went on to become a maggid shir in Yeshiva Shaarei Chaim where he taught for ten years and developed a close relationship to Maran Hagaon Rav Chaim Pinchas Sheinberg zt”l. All that time, he was also very involved in teaching Chasanim, and guiding married talmidim in the building of their homes. He is especially devoted to the young generation, dedicated to building them into true bnei torah.

[email protected] Phone: 02-538-7158


Rabbi Matis Edelson – Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Edelson learned under the Rosh Yeshiva Harav Apelbaum shlitta, and then went on to learn under Rabbi Yaakov Leff in Adelphia NJ. After moving to Eretz Yisroel, he learned in the Mir by Rabbi Elimelech Resnik. A close talmid of the Rosh Yeshiva shlitta, Rabbi Edelson cares about his talmidim like his children, and uses his many talents to inspire and mold each talmid to his greatest potential.

Email: [email protected] Phone: 058-328-3022




 Rabbi Eliyahu Goldberger – Administrator

Rabbi Eliyahu Goldberger is the office manager and administrator of the yeshiva. He is very dedicated to the Rosh Yeshiva and the Yeshiva. Through thick and thin, through highs and lows, Reb Eliyahu will do anything to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly. It is this commitment which is reflected in the day-to-day functioning of the yeshiva.

Email: [email protected] Phone: 058-763-0557

Rabbi Yosef Krohn – Director of Development & Fund Raiser

Rabbi Yosef Krohn is an enthusiastic rebbi & tour guide. In 1973, he became a close talmid of Maran Hagoan Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg zatzal.
Learning & teaching various subjects in various yeshivos for over 4 decades, he has assisted Tiferes Chaim in many areas, and continues to be an instrumental component of the yeshiva’s outstanding success.