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Yeshiva Tiferes Chaim…

Yeshiva Tiferes Chaim opened its doors with just three bochurim. Its goal was to provide them with the personal care and individualized attention which they so needed. Today ב”ה the Yeshiva has grown, but our goal remains the same.

Here every bochur is unique and is encouraged to reach his full potential. With an emphasis on retaining a thorough knowledge of every sugya and completing the masechtah, the bochurim are trained to set goals and to reach them at all costs. Character development and interpersonal relationships are a key area in the bochurims growth as they are carefully molded to be the future leaders and role models of Klal Yisroel.

The Rosh Yeshiva Harav Yisroel Apelbaum Shlita makes every effort to give every bochur a loving and caring environment, and gives every bochur a chance to learn with him individually. Through his overflowing love and sensitivity for every bochur who enters the yeshiva, he builds every bochur’s self esteem, enables them to make and accomplish goals, and to succeed in Torah and in building exceptional middos.