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Adopt A Bochur


Adopt  A Bochur

“Adopt A Bochur
And change his life, And yours,


Today’s world of chinuch is not the same as it was in the last generation. Even bright boys from good homes may many times struggle and not achieve their potential when put in front of a gemora with another bochur. Our belief, based on years of experience, is that most bochurim need a private avreich to learn with, and grow under their care. Having a dedicated avreich learning with every bochur gives each bochur the individualized care they so desperately need, and gives them a Ben Torah who they can connect with and learn from.

Bochurim who have a private avreich to learn with grow in leaps and bounds, exceed expectations, and grow into strong Bnei Torah. With a private avreich to learn with, any bochur can become great in middos, yiras shomayim, and Torah.

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Unfortunately many parents can’t afford the necessary cost of a private avreich/tutor. Even simply paying tuition is a struggle for most parents. This is where you come in. By taking a bochur under your wing and funding a private avreich/tutor for him, you can give a bochur the chance to bring out his potential and become great. We can’t let bochurim fall through the cracks due to the circumstances that they’re placed in.

“Give a boy the chance to shine,
Give a boy a chance at life.
Give yourself eternity.”

Save a bochur for a year –  $12,000

Save a bochur for a month –  $1,000

For more information about this campaign, or to adopt it for your yeshiva, please contact Matis Edelson at [email protected] or [email protected]